2023-2024 Season Audition Results

Congratulations to all musicians for auditioning for the 2023-2024 season of Youth Symphony of Kansas City!

Nearly 450 dedicated and hard-working student musicians from across the region auditioned for placement in one of the four orchestras that comprise the program.  Congratulations to all musicians for their efforts and accomplishments.

Below you will find rosters for each orchestra as well as the calendar of rehearsals and concerts for the 2023-2024 season.

Waitlisted students: If you do not see your name on any of the rosters, you have been placed on our waitlist.  Should a position become open, we will contact you.

Students MUST register for their assigned ensemble — or apply for financial assistance — no later than Wednesday, June 21. 
Failure to register by June 21 will result in automatic forfeiture of the position. Complete registration instructions are below.

Orchestra Rosters and Schedules


(previously known as ACADEMY ORCHESTRA)



Tuition Information

Youth Symphony of Kansas City is committed to providing the highest quality music education experience possible at an affordable tuition rate.  Like other nonprofit youth organizations regionally and beyond, YSKC continues to weather economic conditions related to the pandemic and other global factors.

Recognizing that many within our community also continue to experience hardship, we are determined to ensure affordable tuition for all.  For the 2023-2024 season we are continuing to implement a tiered tuition system, which will allow families to select one of three tuition rates.

For 2023-2024, the YSKC base tuition is $800 per musician (Tier C).  Here is the complete list of tuition tier options:

  • Tier A Tuition Fee: $1,610
  • Tier B Tuition Fee: $1,210
  • Tier C (Base) Tuition Fee: $800

In addition to tuition, a $35 annual registration fee is required at the time of registration.  Regardless of which tier is selected, each child receives the exact same YSKC experience.

During program registration in June, parents/families have the option to pay half or the full amount of the selected tuition tier.  Families also may opt to submit a financial assistance request (see additional information below).

Read more about Tiered Tuition and how it helps sustain YSKC programming here.

Registration Instructions

Please note that families with more than one child participating in the program must register each child SEPARATELY.

Registering Without Applying For Financial Assistance
(Including students in UMKC Musical Bridges & Harmony Project)

YSKC utilizes the platform ACTIVE NETWORK to collect student registrations and collect tuition fees.

The site is very simple to use and navigate.  Students/families will have the option to register and pay 50% of their tuition fee and schedule their final tuition payment for September 1st OR pay for their entire tuition amount at the time of registration.

During the registration process, prior to payment, you will enter a COUPON CODE relative to the tuition tier you have selected.

  • Tier A (No coupon code needed, leave the field blank)
  • Tier B…please enter coupon code Tier B
  • Tier C…please enter coupon code Tier C

Current and eligible members of the UMKC Bridges Program or Harmony Project will register using the same form. At the end of the registration process, participants in either of these programs should enter the coupon code BRIDGES/HARMONY to receive to complete registration.


Registering AND Applying For Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available for musicians whose families demonstrate qualified need.  If you are applying for Financial Assistance, please note that any amount awarded will be a percentage relative to the base tuition rate of $800 noted above (Tier C).

Financial Assistance applications will be made available for all online when registration materials are provided in June.  A most recent IRS Income Tax Return (Form 1040) must be submitted/uploaded with the application.  Applications are held in strictest confidence.

A $35 season registration fee is required at the time of registration; financial assistance application status will be communicated to applicants prior to the start of the season.

Families applying for Financial Assistance must do so by June 21st.    Financial Assistance information will be emailed to applicants after July 1st


Have you decided not to participate?
If so, please let us know by completing this short form, so we may offer your position to another deserving student!